Social Media: The New iTunes?

12 06 2009



For almost close to a decade, Apple has dominated the digital music realm with the introduction of the iPod, iTunes, and now the iPhone 3GS.  Just as digital music and MP3 players replaced the CD, (which replaced the cassette, which then replaced the… get the idea) new music formats and distribution models  of the future are beginning to take shape, which will soon make a service like iTunes obsolete.  

While the iTunes Genius might be a pretty cool way to find new music, I think most would agree that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend is a much more credible way to hear about the hottest new band.  This leaves musicians with a tremendous opportunity to engage in social networks, the hotbed of WOM,  and find creative ways to sell their music.  


Recently I came across a new music platform that allows anyone to send and receive audio files via a drop box widget to social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.  It’s called SoundCloud.  The cool thing about this distribution platform is that it acts as a music sharing network in which friends can send each other audio tracks, with ease, through their existing social media profiles. This unique integration eliminates the hassle of signing up for other networks such as or iLike to find new music. 


Services like SoundCloud that enable individuals to freely share files through their existing social media profiles may now be positioned to become the next iTunes because of their accesable and convenient music sharing platform. While consumers continue to look for ways to simplify the mass electronic information, social media resources are becoming the primary means to sift through the murky waters.  In that case, SoundCloud and services like it, may very well be the main vehicle for music exploration.  So forget the days of burning CD’s for your friends or file swapping parties, now all it takes is a click of a button to tell your friends about the coolest band you’ve ever heard.


Check out SoundCloud







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