Chris Terschluse


I am a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a B.B.A. in marketing.  I have held positions at record labels, and various marketing agencies, and have completed projects and research in the areas of small business consulting and social media marketing.   I am now pursuing my interest in interactive marketing with Crimson Consulting as an Interactive Marketing Analyst. I am also an avid musician, playing guitar, bass, upright bass, and ukulele.

What I Want To Learn

This blog serves as a  learning tool in which I encourage people to engage with others about their passions for social media, marketing, music, and their intersection.  I hope to connect digital marketing minds with musicians and artists to create a dialogue where each walks away with a unique and valuable perspective of how technology has changed the way we interact and conduct business today. The most valuable thing you can do for me is to post your opinions/thoughts/concerns etc.  so that even though you are reading my thoughts, I am reading yours, learning, evolving, and becoming a hell of a lot more interesting!


This blog focuses on those marketing practices which serve to incite rapidly growing consumer communities through interactive technologies. Through connection and interaction, businesses can begin to develop symbiotic relationships with their consumers, enabling sustainable growth into the future.

  • The purpose of this blog is 3-fold:
  • Discuss social media practices, trends, ideas, and strategies as they pertain world of marketing, music and technology.
  • Entertain thought about the digital music industry, where its been and where it’s going.
  • Interact with fellow marketers, biz professionals, music lovers, digital media guru’s, musicians, web designers, artists….really anyone that wants to talk.

More About Me

I love anything that gives me an adrenaline rush.  Whether it be playing music in front of big crowds, bungee jumping, scuba diving, snowboarding or wake boarding, I just love to try new and exciting things.  I am also very interested in digital media and the future of the music industry.  I believe there has never been a better time to be a musician and I hope one day to combine my passion for music with my skills and interest in digital/interactive marketing.

2 responses

12 05 2010

Hello Chris,

I’m very excited to have discovered your blog and will be bookmarking it for sure. You are sharing some great insights – keep it up! My team members and I are also fond of examining the intersection of social media and music at http://reactionnow.com/category/all-articles/

16 09 2012
Web Tools: Track Your Social Media ROI & Say Goodbye to the Record Label - Hip Hop Press

[…] Essential Web Tools For The Musician – Say Goodbye to the Record Label From Chris Terschluse at Interactive:Incite. var dd_offset_from_content = 40; var dd_top_offset_from_content = […]

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